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Simultaneous Dewatering & Pasteurization—FKC Class A Process
First lime is added to liquid biosolids to raise the pH to 12 to meet EPA vector attraction reduction requirements. The lime treated biosolids are then flocculated with polymer, prethickened in an FKC rotary screen thickener, and then fed to a steam heated FKC screw press. Inside the screw press the biosolids are dewatered and heated to meet EPA pathogen reduction requirements. Screw press outlet consistencies are usually 30 to 50% dry solids.

FKC Class A System Features
• Single process to both dewater and produce   Class A biosolids.
• Uses significantly less lime than competing   Class A technologies using lime
• Produces a homogenous, dry soil-like product
• Low capital and operational costs
• Simple, Unattended Operation

Class A Picture
FKC Class A System operating at Sequim, WA Produces 35–40% solids on waste activated sludge

 •  Municipal WWTP Sludges of All Types (Aerobically Digested, Anaerobically Digested, Raw)
 •  Primary, Secondary, or Mixed Sludges
 •  Industrial Biosolids
 •  Septage
Click Here to Download the Class A Flyer          Click Here to view a video of Class A Biosolids
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