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Municipal WWTP Sludges
  • Aerobically Digested
  • Anaerobically Digested
  • Raw Sludge
  • Primary/Secondary Blends
Knot & Rejects Dewatering
  • Pulp Mill Knots
  • Screen Rejects
  • Recycle Mill Pulper Rejects
  • Cleaner Rejects
  • Blended Knots & Rejects
Septage & Grease Trap Sludge
  • Septage
  • Grease Trap Sludge
  • Portable Toilet Waste
  • Blended Septage/Grease
Pulp Thickening
  • Recycled Fiber
  • De-ink Pulp
  • TMP Pulp and Screen Rejects
  • Kraft Pulp
  • Sulphite Pulp
Pulp & Paper Dewatering
  • Primary/Secondary
  • Recycle Mill Sludges
  • Blended Sludges
Dredged Sediment/Mud
  • Rivers/Ponds/Harbors​
Food Processing and Agricultural Applications
  • Spent Grain
  • Surimi
  • Fish/Chicken Meal
  • Fruit/Vegetable Juicing
  • Fryer Crumbs
  • Waste products
  • Many other applications
Chemical Industry
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Elastomeric Adhesives
  • Color Film Emusion
  • Latex Sludge
  • Ferrite/Metal Plating
  • Many other applications
Simultaneous Dewatering & Pasteurization - FKC Class A Process
Lime is added to liquid biosolids to raise the pH to 12 to meet EPA vector attraction reduction requirements. The lime treated biosolids are then flocculated with polymer, prethickened in an FKC rotary screen thickener, and then fed to a steam heated FKC screw press. Inside the screw press the biosolids are dewatered and heated to meet EPA pathogen reduction requirements. Screw press outlet consistencies are usually 30 to 50% dry solids.


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