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Screw Presses
  • Municipal WWTP Sludges of All Types (Aerobically Digested, Anaerobically Digested, Raw)

  • Primary, Secondary, or Mixed Sludges 

  • Water Treatment Plants

  • Industrial Bio-solids

  • Septage & Grease Trap

  • Food Processing

  • Chemical Plant Waste

  • Dredged Mud & Sediment

  • Heavy Duty High Quality Construction

  • High Outlet Consistency

  • No Wearing Brushes or squeegees on the Screw Flight

  • Very Low Maintenance and Operating Costs

  • Stainless Steel Wetted Parts

  • Fully Enclosed Covers

  • Simple, Unattended Operation

  • Automated Wash-Down 


Screw Press
Rotary Screen Thickeners
  • Pre-thickening Prior to a Screw Press

  • Thickening Prior to an Aerobic or Anaerobic Digester

  • Thickening for Reduced Volume for Transport

  • Screening/Thickening of Solids from a Liquid/Solids Stream

  • High Consistency Rotary Screen Thickeners Available

  • Stainless Steel Wetted Parts

  • Heavy Duty Construction

  • Bearings are outside of the Wetted Area.

  • Can Accept Inlet Consistencies <1%

  • Outlet Consistency Typically 4-8%

  • Spray Shower Keeps Screens Clean

  • Multiple Sizes for Different Flow Rates

  • Easy to Install and Operate

Rotary Screen Thickener Drum Thickener
Screw Conveyors
  • Transfer Dewatered Solids to Disposal Area or Dumpster

  • Uniform Trailer Loading

  • Multiple Lengths and Sizes

  • Multiple Drop Points

  • Stainless Steel Construction

  • Shaft-less Conveyors

  • Horizontal or Inclined 


Screw Conveyor
Skid Systems
  • Municipal WWTP Sludges of All Types 

  • Can be Designed for Class "A" Biosolids

  • Water Treatment Plant Sludge

  • Industrial Sludge

  • Septage

  • Grease Trap Sludge

  • Prewired and Plumbed for four connection points

  • Custom Designed FKC Screw Press

  • Flocculation Tank

  • Sludge Pump

  • Polymer System

  • Control Panel

  • Conveyor

Screw Press Skid


2708 West 18th Street 

Port Angeles, WA 98363

Tel: 360-452-9472

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