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Lab Testing

FKC offers no cost dewatering evaluations to potential customers. A $250 fee may be applied for current customers process evaluation testing.  Lab testing of samples helps to determine polymer requirements, potential screw press performance, screw press sizing, screw press materials requirements and other important factors. Based on lab testing results FKC can prepare budgetary sizing and proposal.


Ship To:

FKC Co., Ltd. 

2708 W. 18 th Street 

Port Angeles, WA 98363 

Tel: (360) 452-9472

If your contact is Jim Capell:

FKC Co. Ltd. 
5186 S. Marsala Way 
Meridian, ID 83642 
Tel: (360) 477-0845

If your contact is Shane Harvey:

Please Call 
Tel: (360) 477-0838

Instructions for sending samples to be lab tested:

What:  Any material(s) requiring thickening or dewatering with a rotary screen thickener and/or screw press.

Amount:  3–5 gallons is sufficient. If the sludge consistency is below 1% then send at least 5 gallons. If multiple materials are to be mixed prior to dewatering then separate 3–5 gallon samples of each material should be sent. They can then be mixed at a known mix ratio in our lab.

When:  Samples should be sent to FKC Monday—Wednesday. Shipments on Thursday or Friday are discouraged because they could remain in transit over a weekend.

How:  Ship via courier such as FedEx, UPS etc. Biological sludges should be shipped OVERNIGHT. Please call and inform us when the shipment is expected to arrive.

Packaging:  Any leak-proof container will work. Plastic buckets with gasketed lids are the most commonly received containers. Containers will not be returned unless prior arrangements have been made.

Other:  Please notify FKC at (360) 452-9472 or when sending a sample. This ensures time is set aside to test your sample while it is fresh.

Complete (as much as possible) and return an FKC Application Information Sheet or provide required design information.

If you are currently dewatering and using polymer please include a sample of neat polymer.

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